Carnival of Money Stories #50

by admin on April 19, 2010

Cotton Candy by Roland

The Carnival of Money Stories #50 is up over at Buxr Blog. Make sure you head over there and check out all of the great submissions!

Editor’s Picks

We called up HP and asked if there was anything they could do. We don’t want to recycle a perfectly good printer that simply needs two parts the size of a deck of cards – it is a waste and it’s not environmentally friendly. HP told us that was the only option.Hewlett-Packard Hates the Environment and Your Wallet ( @ Lazy Man and Money )

Yoda says: “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try…” Put a stop to your trying right now and do! We all are faced with difficult circumstances. Yes, some are more difficult than others, but we must move past them, talk less about trying and have more doing in our lives.Wisdom of Yoda: Personal Finance Lessons (@ Christian PF )

He was the perfect renter. He paid on time, cleaned up after himself, and stayed over at his girl friend’s house more often than he was ever around ours. He stayed for a little more than a year. Dude, if you’re reading this, we miss you.
Need Money? Have an Extra Bedroom? ( @ Budgeting is the Fun Stuff )

“We could buy it in honor of Irvin,” we said. “He would be so proud of seeing his grandkids and great grandkids enjoy an Airstream!” So we bought it, and spent money on it and spent more money on it. And could easily spend a bunch more money on it.Airstream Saga Continues: Jan and I Second Guess Our Decision (@ Personal Finance by the Book)

I read a dated (2002) report on some things with Quicken Security. What I found most interesting was this statement from the abstract: “I’ve found that the password protection used by Quicken is easily reversed with the purchase of a $30 password cracking application.”Passwords Security | How To Safely Store Passwords ( @ Money Help For Christians )

Thanks to all of this week’s participants and especially our great host! Next week’s edition will be held at Earn Give Save. Make sure you head over to the submissions page to learn how to get your post in!

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